About Vymedic

Founded in 2008, Vymedic, Inc. is a biotech company and a leader in Amino Acid metabolic technology. In our research, we have found Amino Acids to be a new frontier in supporting optimal health and wellness.*

Vymedic’s transformative amino acid technology was developed by World Class scientists including researchers specializing in immunology, virology, medicinal chemistry, toxicology and a physician.

As a result, in our in-vitro, in-vivo, and human clinical research using Amino Acids, we have made a new Amino Acid metabolic discovery that enables Vymedic to deliver novel, transformative Amino Acid-based products to support health.*

Vymune lab researcher

The top 24 Amino Acids in the human body, whether made by the body or supplemented, are critical building blocks supporting human health and wellness. Research shows that these Amino Acids are even more important in supporting health than other nutrients, including any vitamin or mineral.* Our newest patented product, Vymune®, contains 3 key Amino Acids shown to support vital immune health.*

Vymedic Headquarters

9800 Pyramid Court, Suite 400
Englewood, Colorado, USA 80112